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Laurel's Leash

Dog Boarding & Training

In-Home Dog Boarding

Give your dog a staycation while you're on vacation!  Laurel's Leash focuses on ensuring all dogs are well fed, watered, and loved just as if they were home. Dogs have access to sofas, doggie beds, toys of every size, and a back yard for them to run and play. All dogs must be fully vaccinated and evaluated before booking a stay. 

Requirements for boarding at Laurel's Leash:
Fully vaccinated (current Rabies & DHPP)

Well-mannered/Social with dogs & people
40lbs or less

Price: Quotes upon consultation

House Sitting

If your dog isn't the best with other pups or weighs over 40lbs, this might be the perfect solution! Your dog never needs to leave the comfort of their home while we house sit for you! We all sleep, eat, and relax at your place while you are gone for work or vacation.

Price: Starting at $85/day (depending on location)

Doggie Daycare

Want a play for your dog to socialize and play while you are away at work during the day? Laurel's Leash always has friendly, playful pups to entertain your dog all day long! We also have a very comfortable couch for all those doggie naps! We work with your schedule concerning drop offs and pick ups. Contact us for more information!

Price: $25/visit for one dog (up to 10 hours)

Airport Taxi

​This is a new service for Laurel's Leash! We pick you and your dog up at your home and take you to the airport! Saves you the time of driving to Laurel's Leash to drop off your dog and you don't have to park your car at the airport. We also bring your dog with us when we pick you up from the airport so you get the pleasure of snuggling with your favorite four-legged child while you are driven home.

Price*: $50 one-way, $100 round-trip

*price is subject to increase depending on the time of the pickup and/or drop off

Dog Training

Laurel's Leash focuses on positive reinforcement and clicker training. Since 2011, Laurel has trained hundreds of dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. From puppy to senior, shy to hyperactive.

Laurel's Leash teaches the owners how to get their desired results through consistent communication and positive reward. Positive training can help to alleviate stress in hyperactive dogs which helps focus the dog's attention on you and not on distractions. Training can also build confidence in shy and timid dogs using positive reinforcement to counter conditioning their fear and anxious by redirecting fear and turning it into positive energy and self-confidence. 

Barking (how to minimize)

Properly Greeting Guests
Not Jumping
Leash Walking
Come when Called
Tricks (roll over, army crawl, shake/wave, play dead, sit pretty, & dog bow)
...and much more!

Contact us with any questions you have!

60 minutes: $75
90 minutes: $100